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I will research podcasts for you to be guest on


Are you a professional speaker, author, coach, singer, blogger, or podcaster eager to boost your visibility and enhance your reputation? Podcast interviews present an incredible opportunity to achieve these goals and get your name or product in front of a wide audience.

As a seasoned podcast researcher, I can assist you in discovering the ideal podcasts that align with your voice and message. You can expect a comprehensive list of podcasts perfectly suited to your content, including:

– Podcast Name

– Host’s name/Contact Name

– Contact Email

– Website link

– Description

– Social Media links

– iTunes Link/Apple Podcast Link

– Free Pitching template

With my support, you’ll be well-equipped to reach out to these podcasts and secure interviews that will expand your reach and position you as an industry expert. If you prefer, I can even handle campaign emails on your behalf.

Should you have any inquiries or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to assist in any way I can. Furthermore, if you require a custom order for researching more than 40 podcasts, simply let me know, and I’ll create one tailored to your needs.

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