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I will be your versatile female singer or rapper


Hi, my name is Mike. I’m a professional singer with over 3 years of experience. I have a strong voice but I can make it smoother and I’m very versatile.

I can sing in Portuguese (my mother tongue) and I can easily sing in EnglishKorean or French since I have some guide so I can work in a good pronunciation to you. I can sing in several other languages as long as I have a vocal guide. I can sing a vocal or rap (I don’t write songs or rap. I will just sing to your song). I can help you creating melodies if you need, I can make a personalized offer to you.

Contact me before you make any offer, so we can chat about what you want, and what can I do for you!

What do i need from you?

  • Lyrics
  • Intrumental
  • Vocal/rap guide

What will i do?

  • Record your song.
  • Edit vocals (Tuning, EQ, and Effects).
  • Deliver Dry and Edited vocals.

All recorded at professional quality, delivering each track in high quality WAV format.

I can also do Covers.

*I don’t read sheet music.

Languages freelancer can speak