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I will collect and annotate image and video datasets for ai


Fast and accurate data collection services for valuable artificial intelligence solutions. Our team collects and analyzes large volumes of image, text, or audio data in accordance with the criteria and guidelines specified.

Receive high-quality datasets for further processing and implementation in smart assistants, manufacturing robots, self-driving cars, or proactive healthcare systems.

We provide text, image, and audio datasets in more than 70 languages. Our analysts ensure that the desired quality level is met and that data files are up to date, correct, clean, and properly classified in accordance with project requirements and supplied guidelines.

Service includes:

  • Text Data Collection (Phrases, Words, Paragraphs – 70 languages)
  • Images Collection
  • Audio Data Collection
  • Video Data Collection
  • Social Media Data Collection
  • News Data Collection

Monthly subscription available.

Languages freelancer can speak