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I will compose and produce a pro rock or metal song, custom music



My songwriting music services is out now with a special price! 

Need the song of your dream? Are you a singer and need a powerful rock or metal song? Or maybe a love ballad? Need a professional soundtrack for your videogame or maybe a backing track for youtube or podcast?

If your answer is yes you’re in the right place!!

I’m a Professional Session singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and i can be your ROCK or METAL ghost producer for your music.

Feel free to send me a message to discuss your ideal project.

Check out my Portfolio to choose your favorite Music Genres:

I will produce an original song in the following music styles:

  • hard rock
  • heavy metal
  • power metal
  • death metal
  • thrash metal
  • black metal
  • djent
  • metalcore.
  • punk
  • rock
  • anime song
  • electronicore
  • edm metal
  • pop rock
  • Christmas song
  • birthday song
  • metaverse music
  • videogame

I will write all the instruments and create a record in a short amount of time.

All instrument played by me.

  • Recorded,mixed and mastered in my professional recording studio.
  • If you have have a vocal track i will edit and mix it for free.

For a special price i

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