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I will record voicemail greetings, and on hold phone messages


I would love to be the American Male Voice of your Phone System, Voicemail, IVR, Outgoing Message or Hold Message. I record in a very quiet in home studio and am currently completing projects within 48 hrs. Need it faster? I offer a 24hr service and can often complete projects within 12hrs. Please message me if you are seeking under 12hrs and I will let you know if possible. All projects include clean edited audio, 2 revisions (see faq) and wav files. Thanks for checking out my Gig.


Instructional Videos

Explainer videos

TV commercials

Training videos

Podcast Intros/Outros

Movie Trailers



Product spokesperson

I believe in GREAT Customer service! So if you have any questions please let me know.

Please consider me for any of your Male Voice Over needs.

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Clarence McGowan
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