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I will create and run paid ads campaign


My knowledge of paid ad promotion will make your campaign achieve high KPI rates and complete your marketing strategy.

I will run an end-to-end paid ad campaign:

– Look through your Social Media/website/landing page’s current state and strategies;

– Work in cooperation with your marketing staff to reach higher results;

– Create banners and videos with your color core and brand voice;

– Customize the engaging structure of ads for different goals: CTR, CR, Reach, Sales, ROAS, or others;

– Conduct A/B testing;

– Analyze data and bake it into useful insights to achieve higher results;

I’ve got 6 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing.

Throughout my career I’ve had a chance to work with various project starting with fitness services and finishing with Ecommerce and Dropshipping.

I have a great passion for what I do and can’t imagine my life without digital marketing. That’s the reason you are reading this gig.

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Enrique Abshire
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Precision through Method, Finesse in Technique.

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“Fully Satisfied with the final delivery,will order again and highly recommended.”