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I will do embedded systems programming and design


I can complete your idea from prototype to the final scalable and mass-producible product.
I have worked for the Medical, Defense Aerospace, and automotive industry during my professional journey.
Software / Firmware Development
RTOS based or bare metal Firmware depending upon the application requirement.
MISRA-C / ISO-26262 compliance firmware development.
Hardware Design Schematic Reviews / PCB footprints reviews Schematic Creation.
Hardware design and assembly facility for prototyping UL / FCC / CE Compliant Hardware design. QA Testing Experience IP rating testing setup.
Vibration testing facility.
MTBF testing Software QA process for embedded systems.
Field Issue support & Installation experience.
LPWAN Technologies Experience IoT telemetry / Remote sensing IoT Sensors design using Lorawan Sigfox NB IoT.
Specialist designer Battery-powered Sensors.
LoraWan Server Integration, Device provisioning, and Gateway integration Support.
Technical Support Experience after product deployment.

Possible Deliverable
1. Product Design with Features document.
2. Production Package
3. Jig
4. Mas production software

Languages freelancer can speak