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I will nft marketplace developer, nft minting website, nft smart contract, nft staking


Hey! Are you interested in launching your own collection of NFTs on the ethereum network? This is your place.

I will help you to create this collection and to be able to mint it! I have worked with many other projects and they have all been a success!

I Can help you on your Ethereum collection NFTs launch :

  • Process explanation
  • 3 Days free support
  • Test Mint in rinkeby network
  • Generate your art and metadata
  • Upload files to IPFS or website storage
  • Create and design the mint website
  • Deploy your audit Smart Contract
  • Add your whitelist wallets



I will need your layered art to generate the full art and metadata or if you already have it done I will need the images and metadata of all the NFTs

I will also need all the content possible to create and design the page.

Finally I will need ETH (fee) to deploy the smart contract in to a mainnet.

To calculate the fee of your Smart Contract Deploy visit this website and check the gas.

If you have any questions feel free to ask before placing an order.

Languages freelancer can speak