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I will do web3 solidity dev for smart contract,erc20, erc721,erc1155,minting,staking


Are you looking for a NFT Minting Website for your collection? You are in the right place.

I will develop a NFT Minting Website for Soalana Network.

Why pick me?

  • Fast delivery time
  • I will work with you to reach your desired website
  • 1 Week free support



  • Reveal later
  • Dynamic price minting

For any other custom requests feel free to message me.

During our order, we will have to go on a video call on Zoom so we can set up the smart contract on your end so in the end you have final authority over everything (not me or anyone else. Some might ask you for private keys to your wallet — which is a scam, I don’t do that, that’s why we need the call. Never give anyone your private key.)

Feel free to contact me before you place an order.

Languages freelancer can speak