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I will create modern and unique tech logo design for your website, software, ecommerce


Please contact before ordering !

Have you received an offer from a company or person you don’t know and want to be sure of their good intentions to continue working together?

I will explore network of a blockchain wallet by recursively crawling through transaction history.

The result of the investigation is KYT docx report that can include related information:

  1. Transaction history (date/time),hash
  2. The sender’s and receiver’s cryptocurrency wallet addresses
  3. Block analysis and wallet blacklist/reviews
  4. The amount of transferred cryptocurrency, current balance
  5. Abusive/suspicious transaction activity detection
  6. Final destination addresses and platform name
  7. Crypto address mentions on web (including darknet) if available
  8. Most common crypto senders and recipients for the address
  9. Transaction/crypto address scoring
  10. Visualization, grouping of address relations in blockchain

or your custom request.

I do not promise to give you back stolen crypto funds (only scammers offer that for few hundred bucks). But I can help you to analyse the suspicious crypto address, narrow down the search, find the trading crypto platform where the wallet is registered so you could contact and report the fraud.

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