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I will do any machine learning, deep learning and ai projects


Hi . As 2+ experience as an intern of data science in different software houses, I have expertise to create any project related to machine learning, deep learning and Aritficial Intelligence.From recommendation system to predictive analysis and creating chat bots in AI to implementing neural networks in DL, I have also experience of implementing the data analysis in R studio.I can capable to completing any task related to this field according to the customer needs and requirements.

My expertise include:

  1. data analysis
  2. data visualization
  3. data validation
  4. Data preprocessing

Machine Learning:

  1. Classification
  2. Regression
  3. Decision tree
  4. Random Forests
  5. K nearest neighbor(KNN)
  6. Clustering
  7. Naive Byes
  8. Multinomial Naive byes
  9. Support Vector Machine(SVM)
  10. Gradient boosting Methods(XGBoost,LightGBM)

Deep learning:

  1. Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
  2. Recurrent Neural network (RNN)
  3. Long language Model (LLM)
  4. Long Short term Memory (LSTM)
  5. Gradient Recurent Unit(GRU)
  6. Transformer Model

Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Chatbots (deep Learning)
  2. Chatbots (dialogflow)
  3. Chatbots (langchain and openai)

Please reach out to me before placing an order we can schedule a zoom meeting if Necessary.

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