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I will edit, sync audio to video, resize and modify specifications



Welcome to my video editing services!

I am a Professional video editor with more than 8 years of experience!

My service includes:

  • Syncing Audio with Video
  • Overlapping music and audio
  • Cutting/Cropping
  • Transitions
  • Color Correction/Grading
  • Titles/Subtitles
  • Intro & Outro Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • Free Royalty Music
  • Video & Sound Effects
  • Green Screen Editing
  • Reducing Background Noise
  • Template Editing 

The Duration of the video can be from any seconds to 15 minutes for any package. The file size of the video must be below 500Mb. If your video length and size is large, please inbox me to check whether I can accept. I can also accept custom orders.

And for adding subtitle, I will charge according to the number of words!

Subtitle Upto 50 words – 10$

Subtitle Upto 100 words – 15$

Subtitle Upto 150 words – 20$

Hope you make use of my service!


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