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I will edit your podcast and produce audience ready audio


Your podcast should sound as good as its message.

I’m an expert in podcast strategy, audio editing, and social media production that’s worked on shows of all sizes. I also offer consulting services to help launch and develop podcasts.

I can help:

  • Bring out the quality in any microphone
  • Reduce the background noise that sneaks into an episode
  • Clean up awkward pauses, filler words, and dead space
  • Provide consultation on launching/defining a show
  • Be a collaborative voice during the creative process
  • Produce your podcast from start to finish and distribute it to all major platforms

Your vision is my #1 priority. I will understand the “why” behind your voice and help make it easy for anyone to listen to it. Contact me before placing an order to get the best experience!

Please double-check the total length of the unedited episode(s) before placing an order.

Languages freelancer can speak