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I will offer the best mail and SMS txt msg marketing blast service


If you’re looking for an easy and low-priced way to promote your business or services. Then you are in the right place Our Marketing / SMS Marketing is the core of low cost and targeted promotions for targeted area phone numbers those works for your business or services

I’m offering a quick and hassle-free SMS/TXT msg blasting service to All OUR WORLD Like CANADA, UK, USA, and any other countries where you want.

I will need leads/phone numbers to target provided to me. If you need me to sort them based on cellular numbers, location, etc. I can target based on criteria specified accordingly.

Each SMS/txt message can be up to 160 characters and is recommended to stay within that limit vs splitting it up into several SMS txt messages per number being targeted.

If you require a report after 1 day after SMS blasting it can be provided upon request to give time for the report to generate.

You can promote your business to the right audience if you have a list of active phone numbers in that area. I can help you in getting active leads from any country.

Languages freelancer can speak