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I will professionally create a 3d jewelry model of rings, earrings, or necklaces


Hi, I am Danny Leatherman and I am a professional 3D Jewelry Designer and Founder of CADraws Ltd.

My team and I are dedicated professionals that work to provide exceptional 3D jewelry design services to individuals or businesses. The years of experience in this field and advanced computer technologies such as Rhinoceros, ZBrush, and Matrix allow us to create in-detail and accurate 3D models of your concept. Our goal is to bring your idea to life and get an exceptional virtual copy of your future jewelry.

Please contact me before you order, as the prices displayed here are not fixed. I will tell you the exact price after we receive the project details.

For your convenience, Ive also attached in my portfolio a pdf file of our previous orders to represent the possible Price Range.

Currently, we provide the following services:

3D CAD Modeling

Jewelry Design

Digital Sculpting

Static, Animated and Video Renderings

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