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I will professionally edit, mix and produce your podcast in real time


I will utilize my 8 years of knowledge and expertise to transform your recording into a PROFESSIONAL Podcast. Let’s make your Podcast sound AMAZING!

I will professionally edit your podcast in REAL-TIME before adding musicmixing it, and mastering it.

Send me your episode tracks, intro, and outro and I will make the magic happen!

I love what I do, and that means I will do everything I can to make your podcast sound great!

ALL packages include:

  • Noise reduction: background/ambient noise, pops, clicks, hum, buzz, sibilance, plosives (mouth pops)
  • Echo/Reverb removal
  • Equalizing: Removal of unpleasant frequencies to make the dialogue of the speakers sound crisp, rich, and full
  • Compression and leveling: giving it the “Podcast” feel and optimizing the audio levels of the speakers to steady and uniform levels
  • Removal of “uh,” “um”, filler words, and long pauses (you can request to keep them)
  • Up to 5 timestamped specified edits (parts you want to be removed)
  • Add and mix intros/outros (provided by client)
  • Add music (provided by client)
  • Add ID3 tags and Cover Art (provided by client)

*Please contact me before making an order*

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