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I will provide IT and cybersecurity career coaching


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Start or Grow Your Cyber-Career!

I have worked in Cybersecurity as a Cybersecurity Engineer and Consultant for nearly a decade. I have implemented and guides corporations through Cybersecurity programs and implementations. It is time that individuals can receive the same support at an affordable rate to ensure their life is cyber-secure. I am currently in a senior position and have plenty of advice and guidance to give.

I am successful in supporting those who:

  • May not be technical and not understand Cybersecurity
  • Want to start a career in Cybersecurity
  • Want to grow their career in Cybersecurity
  • Need training in Cybersecurity to upskill their knowledge

What experience can I bring to the table?

  • BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions with a focus in Cybersecurity
  • In progress of a MSc in Digital and Technology Solutions
  • Nearly a decade of experience in the Cybersecurity Industry
  • Ability to support all time-zones

Do you have more question or wish to make a start? Feel free to send me a message.

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