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I will test your websites, PC games, android games or apps


Make sure people enjoy using your platform.

I will take a look at your platform, give you honest feedback from a real persons perspective, and provide suggestions for how to fix issues or enhance the user experience.

I offer to you:

  • Blunt (but polite) feedback
  • Comprehensive usability testing
  • A genuine desire to help your website or app succeed!


I’ll complete a thorough analysis of your app or website, taking notes as I go on things that are great, things you can work on, and suggestions/advice. Written feedback can also include answering any questions you have for me based on my experience on your platform.


This is a live video where I walk through my first impressions of your app or website. I’ll provide a thorough overview and critique what I see as I go along, providing actionable advice and tips on how to improve your platform for a better user experience.

Does each page have a clear goal? Is it obvious to someone whos visiting your platform for the first time? Lets find out.

Send me a message if you have any questions, are unsure of what you need, or are looking for a custom offer.

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