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I will support your model for resin 3d printing


About this gig

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I will manually add and adjust supports to your model to get it ready to be 3D printed on a resin printer. I can hollow models and add drain holes if requested as well. I will provide a Chitubox project file and an stl.

I focus on minimizing damage to the model while still ensuring that the print completes successfully. So far I have had no complete failures on prints and all my clients that have ordered prints have been very happy with the surface results of the models I printed for them using my supports.

I cannot guarantee that a print will be successful due to differences in printers and resins but I offer a revision with every order. If for some reason a print fails or there is something you are unhappy with, document the failure/issue with photos. If the failure is due to the supports I will adjust them accordingly and provide an updated file.

I also offer 3D printing, priming, and painting services as well. If you are interested feel free to ask!

I look forward to getting your files ready to print!

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