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I will teach you to help you learn photoshop or canva


we will have a total of 5 lessons on Photography, these lessons will teach you everything you need to become a Photographer


Each lesson will be split into 2 classes

Lesson 1: Learn to Use and operate your way around the camera

Lesson 2: Learn How to Use manual Mode to Enhance your Control over the camera

Lesson 3: Learn about Aperture, Focal Length Exposure and more

Lesson 4: Learn how to edit your Photos Using Adobe Photoshop or GIMP

Lesson 5: Learn How to Use and Control Lighting to improve your photos

Languages freelancer can speak


Delores J Matteo
Email Verified Delores J

Transforming Ideas into Visual Masterpieces."

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“This was the best investment I have made in years. eyevenear is a great communicator, and taught me in a way that allowed me to accomplish my projects and learn as we did them”