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I will translate Canadian French, french, and english


See the FAQ section below for more details.

People choose me because I am a fluently bilingual person, originally from Quebec, Canada. I am happy to share my knowledge of the French language by translating documents for people while pursuing translation as a new career path. I can do Translation, Transcreation, Editing, and Proofreading at an affordable rate.


I use AI-assisted translation software for speed and efficiency, followed by a thorough manual review.

The AI-assisted translation software also retains the exact formatting, fonts, etc. of the original document.

Unfortunately, I do not do manual translation because of time constraints.

I do not do any voice, audio, or video work because of my poor hearing.


NO games or programming files.

NO legal or medical documents.

NO PDF files or PDFs converted to Word.


  • Include your file(s) and desired delivery date when asking for a quote.
  • I prefer to work with text, Word, Excel, Google Docs and Sheets.
  • For ALL other formats, contact me first before ordering.
  • I reserve the right to reject any content I deem objectionable or offensive.

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