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Buying on Laborperhour

Account Management:

The small circle next to each Labor Per Hour customer’s username indicates their online status (green for online, yellow for offline). You can find this status on the profile, in your inbox, order conversations, and on sellers' Gig pages. You can also filter marketplace results based on online sellers.

What information will Labor Per Hour never ask me to provide?

Labor Per Hour will never ask for your password, sign-in credentials, email your password, or ask you to log in outside the domain.

Is my personal information safe?

Your privacy is crucial to us. Refer to Labor Per Hour Privacy Policy in the Terms of Service for details.

Can I pay my seller directly?

No, for safety, all payments are made through Labor Per Hour on the Order page. Report any request for alternative payment methods to Customer Service.

How do I use a Promo Code?

Apply Promo Codes during the checkout process by clicking "Enter promo code" under "Summary."

How do I add feedback as a buyer?

Log in, click Orders, find the completed order banner, and click the "Rate Experience" button.

Why was my payment declined?

Payment details must be correct, card valid, and funds available. Check with your bank or PayPal for specific payment issues.

Can I withdraw money from my Labor Per Hour account?

Only sellers can withdraw earned revenue. As a buyer, refunds appear in your Labor Per Hour balance for future purchases.

Where is my order?

Payments don't immediately create an order; pre-screening transactions occur. Contact Customer Support if issues persist.

How do I cancel my order?

Use the Resolution Center to work with your seller. See "Resolving Issues with an Order."

Does my refund include the service fee?

Yes, Labor Per Hour refunds the entire amount to your Labor Per Hour balance. Request a direct refund if desired.

What is commercial use?

Commercial use involves using a seller’s delivered work for business purposes and profit. Ensure you have the necessary resell rights.

Do I own what is delivered to me?

Unless stated otherwise, you are granted intellectual property rights upon delivery, subject to full payment.

How do I download attachments and files?

Download the attached files from messages or accepted deliveries. Review browser settings if issues arise..