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How Labor Per Hour works:

At LaborPerHour, we’ve crafted a seamless digital marketplace that connects both buyers and sellers. Our unique offerings are referred to as ‘Tasks,’ each representing a service provided by our sellers.

Signing up with LaborPerHour is a breeze, and it's absolutely free. Upon registration, your account is automatically set as a buyer account. If you wish to sell your services, follow the simple steps outlined in our registration process. We encourage individuals with diverse skill sets to explore our various categories, find their niche, and decide how they want to contribute.

Please note that our seller accounts undergo a thorough review during the sign-up and task creation process, ensuring quality and reliability for our users. You can find more details in our Terms of Service.

Sellers can boost their income by providing additional services during the task order process. Understanding buyers' needs, demonstrating how your skills align with their goals, and maintaining effective communication are key strategies for success on LaborPerHour.

Satisfied buyers result in positive ratings, enhancing your credibility on the platform and attracting more business in the future.

Our top-performing sellers on LaborPerHour share common practices:

  • Complete their seller profile to 100%.
  • Craft detailed Task descriptions to clearly outline the services they offer.
  • Showcase work samples that accurately represent their skills

uyers on LaborPerHour pay in advance, and upon successful delivery and completion of a task, sellers receive 90% of the total order value. For example, if a service is priced at $10, the seller will receive $9 for a completed task.

Our commitment to transparency and quality ensures a reliable and efficient platform for both buyers and sellers. Explore the world of digital services on LaborPerHour and unlock opportunities to showcase your skills or find the perfect service for your needs.

For more information, refer to our Terms of Service.

LaborPerHour Glossary

Welcome to LaborPerHour! To make your experience smoother, let’s delve into our glossary of terms, helping you grasp the unique language of our platform

A registered user empowered to purchase Tasks on

Once registered as a buyer, you can seamlessly transition to providing a service (Task) by clicking "Start Selling."

Tailored proposals sent to buyers after project discussions, enhancing buyer satisfaction and fostering business growth.

An area displaying statistical data related to your LaborPerHour activity, with task reminders for actions like order delivery and message responses.

The money earned from completed orders, ensuring transparency and financial visibility.

Any service offered on LaborPerHour's website, purchasable by buyers with a simple click.

Additional services enhancing Task packages, providing flexibility in service offerings.

A joint request to cancel an order, requiring acceptance from both parties.


Created when a buyer purchases a Task, facilitating communication between buyer and seller.

Options within a Task, offering different scope levels at varying prices.

Prioritised assistance for quicker issue resolution.

The average speed of responding to the first message within 24 hours.

An optional feature allowing buyer feedback until satisfaction is achieved.

Keywords added to Tasks for categorization and search purposes.

Sellers earning the top-level badge, recognized for outstanding performance and gaining exclusive features.

A feature allowing users to save jobs for future reference or consideration.

A functionality enabling users to bookmark services they are interested in for easy access.

Companies that users choose to follow for updates and notifications about their activities.

Freelancers whom users have expressed interest in or appreciated, indicated by a "like" action.

Alerts for violations of LaborPerHour's Terms of Service.

Explore our platform confidently, armed with the knowledge of our terminology. For more details, refer to our comprehensive guides on each topic.