Luxury Real Estate Logo Designer

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  • Job DurationLess than a week
  • Project LevelExpert

Project detail

Project Overview:
I am seeking a skilled and creative logo designer to create a distinctive visual identity for my luxury real estate business, Ashlee White Estates. The logo will serve as a key element in establishing the brand’s identity and should reflect the values of sophistication, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

Company Background:
Ashlee White Estates is a high-end real estate company known for its commitment to providing exceptional service to clients seeking luxury properties. Our slogan, “having a good realtor matters,” emphasizes the significance we place on the quality of service and the relationships we build.

Design Preferences:

Sleek and Clean Aesthetic
Incorporation of Initials: “AW”
Optional Addition: The bottom of the letters spelling out “Estates”
3D Logo: AW looped together
Color Preferences: Rose Gold, Gun Metal, Gold, Black
Additional Notes:
I have attached two initial concept ideas for reference. Please note that these are just starting points, and I am open to exploring other creative concepts that align with the brand’s image.


Logo with “AW” and optional “Estates”
3D Logo with AW looped together
Logo variations in Rose Gold, Gun Metal, Gold, and Black
I would appreciate timely progress updates and a reasonable turnaround time for the final deliverables.

I am open to discussing the budget based on the scope of work and your expertise.

Submission Guidelines:
Please provide examples of your previous logo design work, particularly in the luxury and real estate sectors. Additionally, share any initial concepts or ideas you have for this project.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. I look forward to reviewing your portfolio and discussing how we can bring the vision of Ashlee White Estates to life through a captivating logo design.

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