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Myself and my colleague are currently working alongside the bus tour company, Big Bus Tours, to refresh their audio tours across 22 cities worldwide. The most recent city we have produced a tour for is Dublin. We record the English version of the tour with three characters and then localise into several languages, one of which is Mandarin.

We are looking for someone who can speak Mandarin and English fluently, to quality check our English audio tour against the Mandarin audio tour. We are looking for someone to check for the following details:

– The sound design of each Mandarin mixed file should match exactly to the sound design of the English mixed file

– The dialogue of each Mandarin mixed file should match the dialogue of the English mixed file – we understand that some phrases may be worded differently to make sense in the relevant language. We can also provide scripts for both languages to use as a reference. The translated Mandarin script should also match the Mandarin audio.

– The Mandarin mixed files are of a high quality. There are no messy transitions/hard intros or outros of music/strange noises/volume inconsistencies, etc.

The audio files are arranged like so:

RED ROUTE – 45 files
FILLERS – 18 files
QUIZZES – 11 files

Overall, the project consists of 2 hours of finished audio. If you spot any details in the Mandarin audio that appear to be incorrect, we would like detailed and clear notes to be written, so we can communicate the errors to the studio we are working with. You will be working independently on this project, but we will provide you with contact details if you need assistance. There is also opportunity for more work when we produce the next Big Bus tour!

Experience in Audio QC is preferable but not necessary.

We are looking for someone to turn around the work quite quickly – by Monday 9th October ideally, but we can push to Tuesday 10th October if needed.

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