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Sourcing Manager /Supply Chain Manager / Project Manager

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelBasic Level

Project detail

Worked 20+ years for international companies, on extensive products, and cooperated with hundreds of suppliers during my past career:  Dextra Group, French company || GFRP, steel, machine and tools || Supply Chain Mgr;  Delta Faucet, US company || faucet, kitchen sink, sanitary ware, accessories|| QA Mgr / Purchasing Mgr / Product Engineering Mgr;  Moen, US company || faucet, shower || Supplier Quality Engineer;  Manitowoc, US company || commercial kitchen equipment || Operations Mgr;  Methven, New Zealand company || tap, valve || Operations Mgr; Ready to support you with the following products:  Metal Materials  Die-casting  Steel casting  Injection molding  Sheet metal fabrication  Ceramic  Wood  Mold, Equipment, Tools  Supplements and healthy foods  Hygiene & Medical Products One-stop service for you:  Supplier searching and survey;  Supplier audit;  Price negotiation;  Contract & PO;  New Product Development;  3D and 2D mechanical design;  Prototype review;  Product certification;  Product photography;  Quality inspection;  Managing logistics;  Dispute settlement;  Law service; Why me?  One-stop service: My comprehensive experiences from past career enable me to provide full services as you need;  Lower price, smaller MOQ, shorter lead time and preferable payment term? I like negotiation. It is a process of getting deeper engagement with suppliers I believe. Through negotiation, buyer and seller get aligned to stay competitive together to get more customer orders;  Dedication: flexible in working time, quick response, stay dedicated with each project.  Trustworthy: I am hired by you, I represent your best interest all the time, I would keep project information transparent for you, I never accept any commission from suppliers.  Integrity: it is the pillar stone of my business, actually any business. I insist on building long term healthy relation based on mutual interest, fairness, and transparency.  Communication: with 20+ years of speaking and writing in English, I can talk with you fluently. I always keep communication organized, accurate, constructive and in time. I always keep my reports concise, clear and accurate.  Most cost-efficient: you pay for the working process ONLY, not even care for coffee break;  Quality work: all I need is to focus on the work. Keep work quality and timeline is 1st priority;  Flexibility: you can adjust the work scope and requirements based on actual needs;  Adaptive to variance: sourcing is like exploring an unknown area, there are many variances in products, specifications, sourcing requirements, supplier availability, supplier support, expectation, communication etc, all causing the actual working hours longer or shorter.

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Project Completion deadline

October 26, 2023