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I will be your full stack web developer to develop website


I will be your full-stack web developer to develop a website

Greetings, I am Zain Waseem, a seasoned full-stack web developer with 5 years of experience in creating complete websites. Throughout my career as a full-stack developer, I have collaborated with numerous web designers and developers to create multiple websites.


  • Full stack websites
  • Full Custom Sites Creation
  • Full Custom Design Creation
  • Complete Clone Custom sites
  • Complete E-commerce sites
  • Frontend web development
  • Backend web development
  • React E-commerce site
  • Html css javascript sites
  • React Tailwind sites
  • Html css bootstrap site
  • Landing page, Portfolios, Business sites
  • Testing Bug fixing


  • React.js
  • Html css bootstrap tailwind
  • Javascript
  • MongoDB
  • Nodejs expressjs
  • Mysql
  • Firebase
  • Docker-compose

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