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I will playtest and review your game


Get result-oriented Quality Assurance Lead with 7+ years experience in software testing process management.

Hi, I am an incredibly passionate Software Quality Assurance Engineer with expertise in manual and automated testing for web, mobile and desktop applications. I absolutely love what I do and I thrive on paying close attention to detail and discovering many bugs ranging from basic grammar errors to critical functionality bugs. I never look at testing as a tedious job, I look at it as a riddle that I need to discover the many solutions.

Services Includes:

·        Bug/Defects with annotated videos and pictures

·        General feedback

·        Test Cases (additional)

·        Bug Tracking (additional)


What You Will Get?

A Word/PDF document with the summary report (design, functionality, bugs, improvements, usability, user experience, responsiveness, device compatibility) with images/screen recordings showing the problems. It will also include suggestions and examples.

I am creative and scientific, have a technical mind, and would gladly combine all of my skills and expertise to satisfy you,

Please contact me before ordering for complex system.

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