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I will beta read your fantasy or sci fi novel


Receive a 3+ page reader report, and in-the-moment reader reflections on each chapter. Constructive, honest, and detailed feedback.

Please contact me before ordering, so I can see how to best help you and your novel.

Delivery timeline is currently longer due to queue length – please contact me with any questions.

Reader Report – 3+ pages long, with detailed thoughts broken down into the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Dialogue and Character Voice
  • Plot
  • Pace
  • World Building
  • Overall Impression
  • Areas requested by the author

Chapter Notes – notes that show my in-the-moment thoughts and questions as I read through each chapter, comments include:

  • Thoughts and feelings I have as I read
  • Predictions or questions regarding plot
  • Highlights awkward phrases or dialogue
  • Suggestions on small, in-the-moment improvements
  • Some typos/grammatical errors (this is not a line edit, but I try to highlight the most glaring errors)

Whether it’s a high-fantasy adult novel, or a middle grade sci-fi adventure, I’m happy to lend a hand!

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