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I will build ai app or chat gpt saas


This wave of OpenAI SaaS is too big to remain unnoticed!

However, just like everything popular, this trend brought to the market a lot of people that are not adding real value, and just copy-pasting what worked before them hoping to grab a buck or two.

Here’s what I define a valuable business powered by OpenAI:

  1. Solves a real busienss problem. Not just a cool feature to play with. We either make people money, or save them money;
  2. Targets a specific audience. “Anyone is my client” usually means we haven’t worked enough on defining our customer avatar;
  3. Has a competetive edge. In this market, convenience is key. Everyone has access to OpenAI, but people will choose a convenient service for $20 per month over trying to make sense of OpenAI themselves.

My passion is helping founders find these 3 components to make their business viable, marketable, and profitable.

I currently can accept up to 3 projects per month.

My offer is simple:

  1. Let’s find a time and connect to discuss your goals;
  2. If there’s an opportunity to work together, let’s create a plan on achieving your goals together;
  3. If the time and money is right, I’ll make you an offer.

Let’s capitalize on emerging tech together!

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