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I will create 30 meditation, relaxation videos with youtube channel


We will Completely Set up and Brand Your YouTube Channel, With Videos, Logo Intro, Thumbnails, Outro, Logo, Cover art and SEO Just Like all the Big YT channels.

All Meditation, Relaxation Music Videos Will be Completely Copyright free, and we will send you a Video License Copy.

(100% Copyright free Guarantee)

Our Services-

  • Exclusive Logo and Channel art 
  • Original Exclusive Music Videos 
  • Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Yoga, Spa, Study, Healing, etc.
  • Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Music
  • 1080p FULL HD Footage 
  • High-res Audio (WAV)
  • Instrumental music like Piano, Flute, Violin, Tibetan singing bowl and many more
  • Soothing Nature sounds Like rain, waterfall, ocean waves, Birds Chirping and many more
  • Rain Videos with continuous rain white Noise 
  • Complete Optimize SEO ( Channel Description, Video Description, Hashtags and Keywords) for faster ranking and Monetization

Why Us: We are a team of Professional Video Editors with 5+ Years of experience and are always updated with latest trends and techniques to provide the best buyer experience.

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