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I will create ai text to image generator mobile application


If we talk about the opportunities of 2023, you can’t go past the Artificial Intelligence wave (Chat-gpt3, midJourney etc…) . AI are taking over the world, and it’s only the beginning!

{What Do I Provide}

With a team specialized in both mobile development and AI integration, I will create for you a powerful AI based Text-To-Art mobile application.

Aside the text-to-image generator itself, i can provide additional top notch functionalities:

– Save generated images To Phone

– Store and re-use prompt

– Reload prompt

– User Handling with Firebase (back-end)

– Shared art screen between your app user community etc…

More than that, I will put special attention to Design and User Experience. From Animations to User Flow, everything will be adapted to your needs.


Please note that an Apple Developers Account is required and will be needed if you intend to deploy on the App Store. That being said, Google Play deployment Is included In The Gold and Platinum package.

If you have any question, I will be delighted to give you more information.

N.B: Please contact me first before placing your order to talk furthermore about your project.

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Diana McCrary
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