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I will create an amazon product video, lifestyle, video ad


Need an Amazon Product Video that is strategically & precisely crafted to help you blow past your competitors?

I can help you do just that.

For Amazon sellers, differentiation is of utmost importance for a successful listing and after many years working with so many wonderful sellers, I’ve learned that there are several delicate and important ways to accomplish this:

  • High quality and smooth shots – this will instantly make your brand appear more high-end
  • Close up detail shots – making your products look extremely high quality
  • Lifestyle scenes – so customers picture themselves owning your product
  • Strategically placed text on screen – to emphasize why they should chose to by from you

When we’re able to incorporate these elements into your product video, the results are always incredible and your conversions skyrocket dramatically.


We all know that an authentic Amazon product video has been shown to enhance sales and push your listing ahead of competitors…

I would love to take on the responsibility of helping you achieve this for your product by creating a truly captivating & high end video ad for you.

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