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I will create copyright free HD meditation music videos


Hi There,

Do you have a YouTube music channel or do you want to create a new channel for music ?

Then you’re at the right please!

Free Thumbnails and fully copyright free content used for meditation music

I will create copyright free HD meditation music video on YouTube , sleeping ,Relaxing Music ,solfeggio , spa therapy music ,healing music ,nature sound ,yoga music ,hypnosis music ,binaural beats music ,lullaby music and many more up to your choice


  • Copyright free content guarantee
  • (Never get Copyright Claim or Strike)
  •  Hi-Res audio formats WAV

Will Use High Quality HD(19201080) Footages In Each Video (Sunset, Ocean Waves, Sky, Trees And Beautiful Nature). Ensuring, You Get the Best Visuals For Your Videos.

Just Place The Order & Relax, As I Will Do The Rest For You.

Music Video categorys I specialize in

Frequency 432 Hz 528Hz 832hz 963hz 528 Music

Guided Meditation

Healing Music

Gospel Music

worship Music

Ocean waves Sound with Soft Piano or Guitar Music



Nature Sounds.

Binaural Beats.

Tunings (432 hz, 528hz, 963hz).

Solfeggio Frequencies.

Satisfaction Guara

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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