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I will critique your indie music and give feedback to improve it


It happens so often, when we can’t improve the track because our ears get used to it, so we can’t decide a next step. Sometimes it just feels impossible to finish a track.

I’m Vlad, an indie music producer with 10+ years of experience. I’ve sent feedback to hundreds of songs at the record label Dobryi Bober Records.

My point of view will give you a fresh opinion on your work and inspire you to finish and release the track.

In this gig I’m reviewing your track and giving advice on emotion, space, dynamics, intensity, song development, arrangement, mixing, mastering and many more.

To get the review, send me a message and attach your file, or choose one of the following packages:

Send me a finishedalmost finished track or work in progress on any stage, even a demo snippet (WAV or MP3).

I’ll be glad to help you improve your music!

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