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I will develop custom python web scraping scripts and bots



Getting the right gig is the most important and I have edited the title of this gig to optimally create and pass on the right intention.

I will implement the following modules for web automations and scraping:

  • Selenium
  • Request
  • Beautiful soup
  • etc (according to your work)

What I do is – Creating specific web-scraping scripts using python

Apart from developing your basic script, I can assure you of the following as well:

  • Professional finish – You will get the complete package without any missed detail
  • Unlimited on-going modifications- You may decide to add more functionalities which I may not or charge very little for.
  • It will scrap the data you want and put it in an excel file


Lovish Garg

NOTE: Please ask first in inbox before ordering. Thank You!

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