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I will develop custom responsive website design in wordpress


About this gig

Let me guess, you clicked on my gig, because you need someone to design your website, or anything related to web design?

You are probably ready to close this window as soon as you start feeling like you are reading yet another template, another seller that talks about who he is and how many years he is in this field, what he is good at

I do not like cliches, so lets try something different and first focus on what I can do for you!

It is quite simple, and I am aware that this may sound like cliche (yikes), but I treat others the way I would want to be treated.

I listen


I want you to dive in your imagination and share your vision about your ideal website.

What colors do you see bouncing around and making a masterpiece?

What kind of images are in front of your visitors eyes while they are browsing through your site?

What is the ultimate message that we need to deliver to the visitors?

….that way i can understand your vision and transfer it into web design!

I am Mike and among other things, i am web designer and i develop custom responsive website design in WordPress.

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