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I will setup professional nft discord server within 24 hours


I will help you in developing your NFT fully functional frontend as I have years of experience creating various frontend and have observed that many clients struggle to get their NFT web to function smoothly and want pixel perfect work when it comes to NFT frontend.

As you know landing pages is the most important thing that attract investor and customers here i will help you in designing this page as well as develop this page for you.

Technologies that i used to develop nft pages:


=>tailwind css (make our work much faster otherwise i will go with CSS)

=>nextjs(for SEO purpose)

=>Redux (when work on functionality)


=>Adobe xD

Also develop other various web-sites by using

=>MERN stack(if you want to develop full stack web + help you in deployment)

i completed more than 70 orders which includes 7-10 NFT projects so don’t be hesitate…. Client satisfaction is our top priority

Languages freelancer can speak