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I will do 3d jewelry design, molding ready jewelry cad


Jewelry Modeling require jewelry producing skills in order with design and 3D modeling experience!

Designing jewelry includes the following steps;

  1. Conceptualize and Sketch: Begin by sketching out your design ideas and concepts for the jewelry.
  2. Create 3D Model: Using Rhino software to create the 3D CAD model. This includes modeling the different components of the jewelry, such as the stones, setting, chain, or any other parts. Adjstment of the 3D model to ensure that it meets the desired specifications, such as size, shape, and fit.
  3. Render: Create photorealistic images. This can be used to showcase the design to potential customers or manufacturers.
  4. Export for Printing: Once the design is finalized, export the 3D model in a format that is compatible with 3D printing, such as STL or STEP.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the 3D printing process, the final product may require post-processing steps such as polishing, sandblasting, electroplating, etc. It is also important to consider the limitations of 3D printing technology when designing jewelry, such as the minimum wall thickness or the maximum size of the piece.

Feel free to dicuss your ideas with me befor starting.


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