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I will do business data analytics and create business strategy


Data is the new Oil in the contemporary world and the success in any business or field is somewhat dependent on the effective Use of data. A new startup must be able to prove their mettle through concrete data sets which can be a Revenue forecast Model, market potential, etc. This would imply an effective analysis using historic datasets and demography, STP numbers, etc.

This GIG is meant to help out the startups and business houses to help evaluate their business models empirically to attract Investors, Analyse the bottlenecks, understand the pain points, etc. empirically with advanced research and data sets.

You will Get the following:

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Identification of Ideal Clients-Segmentation and Target

Market potential- TAM, SAM, SOM


Target Heat-map

Positioning Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Tailored/Custom Pitch and Plan with data Modelling and Graphical representation

Please Note:

Kindly reach out for a 10 Minute discussion prior to placing the Oder.

Average Response Time: 30 Minutes- 1 Hour

Customization- Any

Project Type- 1-2 Milestones with 1 Mid project Review.


Languages freelancer can speak