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I will do the coolest visual effects and cgi on video


About this gig

Welcome to my Awesome Visual Effects Gig!

I specialize in creating stunning visual effects that can take your video production to the next level; high-quality videos that stand out and make an impact.

In this gig I offer:

  • Action Effects: I will add action effects such as gunshots/muzzle flares, fire, smoke, explosions, and gunfights to your video
  • Green Screen Keying: I will remove the green screen from your footage and replace it with any background of your choice. This is perfect for adding new environments, and characters to your videos.
  • Blending CGI with Live Action: I will seamlessly blend 3D/CGI characters, vehicles and environments with live-action footage, giving your videos the feel of high budget Hollywood production.
  • Cleanup: I will remove unwanted persons, objects, and buildings from your footage, making it cleaner and more professional.

3 Simple Steps to start

  1. Contact me
  2. Explain your project and send footage
  3. I will provide you with a custom offer for your project.

I am committed to delivering high-quality work that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. So, look no further! Contact me today, and let’s bring your video production to life!

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