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I will do web analytics through google analytics and search console


Web Analytics is the technique of studying the behavior of visitors to a website. It includes gathering, analyzing, and reporting data to determine web activity, using a website and its components, such as web pages, photos, and videos.

Clients frequently ask how I track and report a website’s performance using Web Analytics. I tell them my simple technique of doing this:

  1. I check the Users metric.
  2. I check the site’s overall sessions.
  3. I check the overall pages per session.
  4. I check the device’s metrics.
  5. I check the Source/medium and channels
  6. I check the overall pageviews and unique pageviews.
  7. I check the average time on each page.
  8. I check the most viewed landing pages.
  9. I check the Bounce Rate of the website.
  10. I check the most searched query.

After that, I generate a manual report for the client, which shows all these metrics from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Note: I use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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