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I will give you marketing advice, business consulting help, advertising advice


  • Are you frustrated with a marketing problem?
  • Worried about a specific part of your marketing?
  • Are you confused/doubtful about something regarding your online/offline marketing?

Are you looking for someone that could possibly take away some of these questions?

Look no further! I typically get booked by business owners to help them with their marketing frustrations. 

I’m a double marketing grad and have over 4 years of practical marketing experience (gained from my marketing agency). I have generated in total over 2.000.000,- in revenue for my clients in Ads. Moreover, I’ve written multiple business proposals for my clients and during my university days. I’ve created this Fiverr gig, because I genuinely enjoy analysing businesses and giving my advice.

What I promise you is:

  1. To treat your business as my own
  2. Professionalism in all forms of communication
  3. Blunt but honest marketing feedback

How does it work?

  1. Purchase the gig
  2. Provide me with your question
  3. I will provide you with my advice on your questions

PLEASE NOTE: I can’t promise you that you will like my advice but I do promise to give 100% honest advice and treat it like my own business!

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