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I will identify all your Instagram ghost followers without any login info


More than 50K Followers? No Problem – message us!

Message us now for a free data sample and a personal offer.

We are identifying your

  • Ghost,
  • Fake,
  • and inactive followers

without the need for any login information – the only thing we need is your Instagram username!

Why is removing ghost, fake, and inactive accounts an effective way to improve your social media experience?

Every inactive account cuts the reach of your posts with a dramatic impact. Every time an inactive or bot account sees your content without engaging, the algorithm of Instagram thinks your content is not worthy to interact with, which means that this post will be shown to fewer and fewer people.

We are the most advanced analysis service out there.

  • Get the analysis spreadsheet with all valuable metrics.
  • Our self-developed AI Rating System will make the removal as easy as possible by showing you the worst profiles first.
  • Don’t waste your time going through complicated Excel Files – everything is set up for easy use!
  • Accessible from everywhere and every time + Live Support when you have questions.

Read our FAQ below where we answer the most common questions!

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