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I will line edit, copy edit, proofread your book



First, please send me a message with:

1) the total word count of the document you’d like edited

2) a sample (at least a few thousand words attached as a Word file (.doc/.docx) to the message

I use Track Changes, so you’ll see my comments, corrections, suggestions, criticism, etc. in the sidebar so you can accept/reject my edits, understand the reasons for my edits, and gain insight into ways to improve your writing skills.


  •  grammar
  •  punctuation
  •  spelling
  •  word choice
  •  word order (syntax)
  •  flow/pacing
  •  nuance, tone, etc.
  • redundancies
  • logic/coherence
  • consistency
  • wordiness
  • brevity
  • and more

Why me?

  • 17 years teaching English & writing; including at university
  • Published author (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Professional & accurate
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

What genres?

I love SF, but I’m happy to edit other genres and non-fiction. Please ask me.


After I see your sample, I will send you a custom offer with a fixed price and time.

Thank you kindly.

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