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I will make any ai art or train a model to do it


I have been working with Stable Diffusion since October, so I know how to ge the most out of it and its tools and extensions. I can make images of any subject, from personal portraits and photography, fantasy art, videogame assets, movie scenes, and more.

I also have a lot of experience on model training/fine-tuning, so I can make you a model based on the likeness of any person, animal, style, etc.

On my basic package, I can make you any image you want that doesnt require specific training, and Ill send you enough samples for you to choose a favorite that I will then upscale and polish, like adding details, fixing any error, etc (The samples I would send would all be workable images, I wont send you any big errors)

On my intermediate package I will make you a model and send it to you, as well as include enough images so you can be sure that the model works and you have a starting point.

And my premium package is intended for big projects that require both model training, and a more specialized image creation and composition. Images with multiple specific elements or people, product images with complex backgrounds, or images that require multiple model training (included)

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