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I will offer startup growth package strategy analytics and projections


Unlock Your Start-Up’s Full Potential!

With over a decade of experience in data science and business strategy, I offer a one-stop solution for start-ups seeking to scale. My expertise has guided 100+ clients in Pharma, Consumer Goods, and Finance. Let’s co-create your success story!

What You’ll Get:

Strategic Decision Support: Make data-driven decisions that set you apart.

Advanced Analytics: Utilize Power BI, Looker, and Tableau to visualize your path to growth.

Financial Projections: Rely on accurate forecasts for better planning and investment.

Scenario Simulations: Test your business strategies in a risk-free environment.

Why Choose This Gig?

  • 10+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 100+ Satisfied Clients
  • Tailor-Made Strategies
  • Quick Turnaround

Tech Toolbox

  • Analytics: Power BI, Looker, Tableau
  • Modeling: Python, Knime, SQL & GPT4
  • Simulations: Anylogic, Simul8, @Risk

Ready to accelerate your start-up’s growth? Order now or message me to craft your tailored package!

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