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I will perfectly tune and pitch correct your vocals using melodyne


Huge sale for 10 first customer begin at $10

Hey Guys, looking to get your vocals tuned up? If so, I am the right service for you! I am an audio engineer and musician with many years of experience with studio work, performing, producing and songwriting. I have a good ear to make sure all your vocals are tuned up to where they need to be. The main tuning software I use is Melodyne but if you want me to use Autotune or both please let me know upon the purchase of the gig. 

It is mandatory that you submit to me the isolated dry vocal tracks and the backing track, instrumental or music on a separate track as well without vocals in it. 

Don’t forget to check some of my samples up above as well as the Gig Add Ons for more services for your song!

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