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I will bring vibrance and life to your food photos within 12 hours


Would you like to have your recipes photographed deliciously?

So you are at the completely right place!

I am a professional photographer and I have years of experiences.

Why you should book me:

  • different food publishers booked me: Fackelträger Verlag, Societäts Verlag, Lein fad Verlag and others.
  • price for: Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book in Germany, for food photography, 2017
  • experiences in graphic design and picture editing
  • cook experiences

I have three options for you:

  • I’m photographing a recipe on a white background with no decoration, but you determine the perspective.
  • The next set is with a background and a little decorations of your choice and also the perspective.
  • And another sets are with a background of your choice, decorations and three different perspectives. (if you need help, I am able to decide all 3 options for you)

The next steps:

Contact me to talk about your briefing, ideas and your wishes.

Prices shown are without bought food.

It is possible to buy some food, but that price is extra.

If you have your own food, please send me by mail.

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