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I will provide cybersecurity support services


About this gig

Cybersecurity Program Development Provides a roadmap for operational program development through reviewing, designing, and recommending vulnerability, risk, and other programs.

Cybersecurity Governance – Defines goals, policies, organizational ownership, metrics, and scopes TVMR for policy design and program structure.

Security Analytics and Reporting Keen at deriving data elements and designing actionable views for data correlation based on risk prioritization and enterprise cyber protection goals.

Current State Analysis Executes discovery of the current security state for risks, vulnerabilities, tools, programs, and operations by performing reviews and recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment – Utilizes various tools, controls, and testing methodologies to identify security deficiencies and blind spots within the architect and technical operations.

Remediation Process Implementation Designs program remediation standards and approach via reviewing prioritization, assets, SLAs, and remediation timelines

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